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How To Trick Out Your Pickup So That It Can Handle Your Boat And Boating Gear

If you own a pickup truck and also have a just purchased a new boat, then you should rig your truck so that you can bring your easily bring your boat and gear to the water. A pickup truck is a great vehicle for transporting material, but you might be a bit puzzled as to how to move your boat. Don't worry, there are a few easy to install boat accessories for your truck. Here are three things to install.

Roof Rack

If you are transporting kayaks, rowboats, or canoes, and will need to take long paddles along with you, then a roof rack is perfect. These are a better choice than trying to stuff the oars in the rear seat and let them extend out through the window. That sort of arrangement might end up causing an accident. A nicely installed roof rack will allow you to stow them away up top. You also don't want to try and store the oars in the bed of the truck (unless you have an extra-long bed). The oars will stick up a bit and roll around during the drive to the water.

Lock Box For The Bed

You should get a lock box for the pickup truck bed. This can be used to store your life jackets, fishing tackle, and any other gear that you might need to bring with your on your boating trip. The one problem with a pickup truck is that the bed is exposed and anyone passing by your truck while you are parked someone can reach in and steal something. So, leaving expensive sonar gear, tools, or even fishing tackle boxes lying exposed is not wise. That's why you should get a lock box and have it bolted to the bed of the truck. This way, you can stow away anything you need, lock the box, and then leave the car unattended. Most people won't be bold enough to climb up and try and carry off a canoe or kayak while you are in the gas station paying for a coffee, but they very well might reach into the bed and grab something really quickly. So, get the lock box and secure your small gear.

Install A Hitch and Get A Boat Trailer

Finally, you need some way to move the boat. Even the smallest rowboat or canoe won't fit into the bed of your truck. So, you will need to have a hitch installed (if one didn't come pre-installed) and get a trailer that can move your boat. You should speak with the rep at the boat accessory shop to determine what size trailer you need. Obviously if you are moving a small dinghy or rowboat, you need a much smaller trailer than if you are towing a center console fishing craft. You want to get a trailer that is large enough for your vessel, but there is no need to get one that is too large. The extra space will not be of much use and it will make parking the car more difficult.

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