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3 Great Sixteenth Birthday Gifts fora New Driver

If someone in your life is turning 16 years old and will soon start driving, you might be wondering what type of birthday gift you can purchase for him or her. Since driving might be the only thing that is on the birthday boy or girl's mind, you may want to purchase a driving-related gift. These are a few ideas that he or she might be interested in.

1. A Roadside Assistance Package

Getting stranded on the side of the road isn't any fun. The new driver could end up stuck with a vehicle malfunction, a flat tire or a lack of fuel, and if this happens, you probably want to make sure that he or she is covered. One good way of doing so while providing the perfect birthday gift is to purchase him or her a roadside assistance package. Not only is it sure to be a much-appreciated gift, but you can gain peace of mind in knowing that the new driver is as safe as possible when hitting the road. Talk to companies like Parkway Wrecker Service to ask about their roadside assistance packages.

2. Vehicle Accessories

If the new driver has a car, there is a good chance that he or she is going to want to personalize it. Luckily, there are tons of automotive accessories on the market that are perfect for a new teenage driver, and they are available at various price ranges as well. A steering wheel cover or a set of personalized seat covers or floor mats can make a great gift, for example. You can also look for decorative decals to put on the windows, a nice keychain, or a host of other similar gifts.

3. Car Cleaning Supplies

The new driver is probably going to want to keep his or her set of wheels looking nice and clean, so consider making up a gift package that includes a large bucket for washing, a few clothes and sponges and a few various cleaning supplies that can be used to clean the car. An alternative option that can be great for really spoiling the new driver for his or her birthday is to purchase a monthly package through a local car wash so that he or she doesn't even have to get wet in order to get a clean car.

As you can see, there are tons of great gift ideas out there that are perfect for the new driver. If you are looking for great gifts for someone who is turning 16 and who will be hitting the road, try one of these great ideas.