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3 Signs That You Need To Get Your Brakes Inspected

When you drive a car, it helps to understand all the different signs that your vehicle can provide you with that it needs service. Your brakes are what allow you to stop and keep you safe on the road. Luckily, your vehicle will provide you with plenty of warning before your brakes give out on you.

A Loud Squeaking Sound

One of the most well-known signs that your vehicle will give you when the brakes are in need of service is an auditory sign. When your brake pads get worn down, your brakes will make a loud squeaking sound. This loud squeaking sound is produced by the top layer of your brake pads getting worn down, exposing the metal base of your brake pads. This loud squeaking sound can also be attributed to your rotors wearing down as well.

It is a very distinctive sound that is loud enough that you should be able to hear it inside of your vehicle, even with your windows up and your music down. The sound can start out a little quieter though.

Wobbling & Shaking When Breaking

Another well-known sign that your brakes are giving out is a wobbling or vibration when you apply the brakes. When you press on your brakes, you may feel shaking in your steering wheel. It may also feel like your steering wheel is vibrating.

The wobbling and vibration may be light at first. However, as your brakes get progressively worse, the wobbling will get progressively worse as well.

This can be caused by your rotors wearing down, or because the brake caliper is not releasing as it should.

Soft Brake Pedal

Finally, when you press on your brake pedal, your vehicle should respond right away. You should not have to push your brake pedal all the way down in order to come to a slow stop. You should only have to slam on your brakes when you need to come to a fast and immediate stop.

When you have to press your brake further than necessary in order to brake, your brakes are either acting in a soft or spongy manner. This type of brake problem is caused by an issue with your master cylinder or by moisture in your brake line.

Whey your brakes start to make a loud squeaking sound or cause your vehicle to wobble and shake when you use them, you have a brake problem. If your brakes are depressing too low, that is also an indication of an issue with your brakes. Make sure you know the signs that something is up with your brakes and get your vehicle inspected right away whenever you have a brake issue. For more information, contact companies like Apex Transportation.