Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs Made Simple

Tips For Identifying Bad Tires On Your Car

Are you wondering if you need new tires for your car? If so, you may be wondering how you can figure this out at home rather than have an auto shop tell you if the time is right. Thankfully, there are some easy ways that you can tell if new tires are really necessary.

Measure The Tread

One way that you can quickly tell if your tires need replacement is by measuring the tread. The tread actually plays a big role in how your tires perform, since they are more than just a pretty design on the tire. They help channel water through the tire as you drive on slick roads, so having deep tread is essential to your safety.

You can measure the treads of your tires by using a tread depth gauge that can be purchased from a local auto supply store. You want to have no less than 2/32" worth of tread on the tire for it to perform well. Anything less than that is worth replacing. Make sure to check the tread across several parts of the tire's surface to ensure you do not have uneven wear. 

Don't want to purchase a tire depth gauge? Then get out a penny to do the measurements. The gap between the edge of the penny and Lincoln's head is approximately 2/32", which is perfect for measuring tread. Stick the penny into the tread with Lincoln's head facing the tire. If any part of his head is covered, your tires have enough tread on them. If you can see his entire head, then you don't have enough tread depth.

Check For Cracks And Bulges

Do you have tires that you frequently need to fill with air? It is worth checking the sidewalls of the tire for cracking. You may notice that there are cracks around the wall of the tire where air is leaking out. These cracks, when combined with air loss problems, could be enough to justify tire replacement. 

The sidewalls of the tire may also have bulges in them, which are caused by not having enough air in the tire or having a defective tire. Bulges typically form when you drive on rough road conditions, hit a pothole, or put the tire under stress that is not normal. 

If you feel like your tires are in need of replacement, head on down to your local tire shop for advice on what kind of new tire to put on your vehicle.