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Why You Should Avoid Second-Hand Campers

Campers are a great way to experience nature while remaining in relative luxury that you might find at a hotel or at your own home. However, they can be a little bit pricey, which is why many people look to the used market for campers and other caravans. However, this is fraught with risk, and so you may want to look for a new camper for sale rather than one that is preowned. Here are a few reasons why preowned campers come with risks that a new camper does not.

Easy To Hide Faults

The problem with shopping for a used camper is that you are only seeing what the previous owner wants you to see. It is very easy to hide the faults of a camper for a one or two-hour inspection with a simple new coat of paint or cleverly placed coverings. A new camper for sale never poses that same risk, and they always come with a warranty anyway, so if anything does go wrong, you are financially protected. If you are only saving a couple thousand bucks, then there really is not much to be gained by going for a used camper.

New Features

Campers are always getting better and more advanced, and there is a huge difference in quality between campers from ten years ago and those that come from the last couple of years. Whether it is their battery efficiency, charging ports, cooling effectiveness, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, storage space, and even the bathroom facilities, there are going to be big differences. Campers should be fun, and traveling around in a rickety, old, preowned one is going to be a far worse experience for you and your family than a fresh, brand new one with all the modern trimmings.

Not Saving A Lot

In many other areas, second-hand goods devalue drastically in a short period of time which makes it easier to see why people might choose the preowned option over the brand new model. However, with campers, older models still hold their value on the market pretty well. So, while you might think you are saving a lot, you actually aren't when you check the prices of what a new model would cost at retail. Always check the price and financing options of the new models before you make a decision, you may be surprised at just how close it is and reconsider. 

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